WIMISOM Organizes Training on Leadership and Networking for NUFJO

WIMISOM organized today in Garowe leadership and networking training for Nugal female journalists’ union with the objective to impart knowledge and skills which facilitates the development of the union and the advancement of its members’ career and development.

The event brought together 20 female journalists including the leadership of the unions. In several sessions, several key topics were discussed including organizational development; members networking; conflict resolution; schemes for resource pooling and experience sharing; facilitating professional development opportunities for members, and instilling a culture of leadership and volunteerism.

The journalists discussed the important role unions can play in facilitating experience sharing and mentoring for newcomers to the industry who will benefit much from voluntary and guided learning experiences with veteran female journalists who know what it takes to make it in the journalism environment in Somalia. Therefore, the attendees brainstormed the need for reinvigorating the work of Nugal Female Journalist Union.

They have discussed also the potential of women’s leadership in media houses and the need for personal growth, networking, and support for one another, and fostering of a culture of leadership among women in media themselves.

This opportunity laid the foundation for improving the networking mechanisms of the union to facilitate experience sharing and growth of the union members while engaging constructively with media development partners and other stakeholders.

WIMISOM stands for realizing its vision of empowered women in media who can affect change in Somali women’s lives. Providing platforms and facilitating networking and collaboration among women in media is a key component of our mission along with capacity injection and improving the knowledge and skills of female journalists.