Our Work


  • Advocating for eliminating all types of violence against women in and through media, girls and children
  • Promoting the rights of the women in the media to reduce gender disparity and to increase the level of their participation in the media industry at all levels.
  • Lobbying organizations and influencers to support, contribute and play a pivotal role in the empowerment of women
  • Promoting the respect and upholding of fundamental human rights for everyone.


  • Creating effective process to connect Somali female journalists and generating platforms for exchanging ideas and information to develop their media professionalism.
  • Connecting women in the media with national and international organizations and providing opportunities for development and capacity building
  • Ensuring and facilitating that women in the media have strong relationship with women in other sectors nationally and internationally.


  • Amplifying positive media coverage of women issues to influence how women think and act and how women are presented in the media.
  • Conducting media talk shows, forums and panel discussions to highlight social issues affecting women, female journalists, and vulnerable people
  • Creating and disseminating written, audio and video messages about women, girls, children, human rights, vulnerable people through all media channels


  • Conducting meaningful studies which shed light on what we do and which will constitute the foundation for the projects and programs we undertake.
  • Producing and disseminating publications of our studies on our website and social media accounts and sharing with interested parties and stakeholders.

 Capacity Building

  • Conducting result-oriented capacity building trainings to enhance the output and impact of women in media.
  • Improving the quality, safety and ethical standards of journalists at large, so that the media can take its much needed role in the development and prosperity of the community.
  • Provide mentorship and coaching opportunities for women, journalists, social activists, youth and aspiring leaders to aid them develop their skills and careers and to contribute effectively to the community.