Second Annual WIMISOM Awards Ceremony Held in Garowe

WIMISOM organized its second annual WIMISOM Awards, which is an annual Awards program dedicated to celebrating exceptional achievements in journalism and remarkable contributions to community service, and to recognizing and rewarding journalists and everyone who has contributed to the socio-economic aspects of society, human rights, social issues, innovation, and development.

This year’s ceremony showcased the talent and dedication of both male and female journalists who competed across four distinct categories: Visual reporting, audio/radio reporting, journal articles, and photography.

This year’s WIMISOM Awards were presented to two female journalists and one male journalist who were awarded in three categories: Visual reporting, audio reporting, and photography, whose production has had a positive impact or created change at a social level. The three winners of the WIMISOM Awards 2023 were:

• Khadra Ahmed Hashi – won the Visual Reporting category

• Fadumo Dahir Jama – won the audio reporting category

• Yonis Abdiaziz Mohamed – won the photography category.

from left, Khadra Ahmed (Visual Reporting Award winner), Yonis Abdi-Aziz (Photography Award winner), Mrs Amino Xadhigle, Puntland Deputy minister of Women Development and Family Affairs and Faduma Dahir (Audio Program Award winner)

The ceremony also featured the presentation of recognition certificates to those whose impactful efforts have significantly enriched their communities over the years. These certificates serve as a means to commend their efforts and inspire further acts of service among others.

The event was attended by government officials, civil society organizations, academia, the press, women’s organizations, and youth.

Nasro Abdirisak

WIMISOM Executive Director Nasro Abdirisak in her speech highlighted the importance of this program and the purpose behind it which is to create a culture of excellence in the media sector. She explained that the winners were selected by a panel of experts with extensive experience in the field of journalism.

More than just a celebration of professional achievements, the WIMISOM Awards underscore the crucial role that media professionals play in shaping public discourse and fostering community engagement. With a focus on inclusivity and gender equality, the event serves as a platform to highlight the contributions of both women and men in the media landscape.

As WIMISOM continues to advance its mission of empowering women in media and promoting societal progress, the annual awards ceremony stands as a beacon of inspiration. It encourages continued dedication to excellence and service, motivating them to uphold the highest standards of professionalism and dedication to service, reaffirming the organization’s commitment to fostering positive change through the power of media.

Eng. Mohamoud Aydid, Puntland Minister of Information

Government officials, civil society, and media experts in their remarks encouraged the winners and appreciated the efforts of WIMISOM in improving the media environment in Somalia.

The WIMISOM Awards 2023 ceremony ended in a joy and celebration shared by all the participants of the event.