WIMISOM held in Qardho a Discussion on Somali Women’s Economic Situation with the commemoration of International Women’s Day

In a bid to address and elevate the economic status of Somali women, WIMISOM convened a significant discussion in Qardho. The event, gathered key stakeholders, women entrepreneurs, policymakers, activists, and community leaders to deliberate on the pressing challenges faced by Somali women in the economic sphere and explore strategies for empowerment.

The discussion provided a platform for participants to engage in fruitful dialogue and exchange ideas on fostering economic independence among Somali women. Attendees highlighted the multifaceted obstacles hindering women’s participation in the workforce and their access to economic resources.

The panelists emphasized the crucial role of economic empowerment in advancing gender equality and driving sustainable development in Somalia. they underscored the need for concerted efforts to dismantle systemic barriers and create an enabling environment that promotes women’s economic inclusion.

Throughout the session, various speakers shed light on the unequal access to education, financial services, and employment opportunities faced by Somali women, particularly in rural areas. They stressed the importance of tailored interventions, such as vocational training programs and microfinance initiatives, to equip women with the skills and resources needed to thrive in the economy.

As the discussion drew to a close, participants reaffirmed their commitment to advancing women’s economic rights and pledged to work collaboratively toward implementing concrete solutions. They underscored the importance of sustained advocacy, policy reforms, and targeted investments in unlocking the full potential of Somali women as drivers of economic prosperity and social development.

In conclusion, the event served as a pivotal moment for advancing the agenda of women’s economic empowerment in Somalia. By bringing together diverse stakeholders and amplifying the voices of Somali women, the event laid the groundwork for collective action and transformative change in the pursuit of a more inclusive and prosperous future for all.

The discussion was implemented with support from the United Nations Support Office in Somalia – UNSOM