WIMISOM held in Galkayo a public forum on Community Priorities and Service Delivery of Galkayo Municipality

In a bid to address the pressing needs of the community and enhance service delivery, WIMISOM organized a public forum to engage with Galkayo residents and stakeholders. The forum provided an opportunity for citizens to voice their concerns, share their priorities, and offer feedback on the current state of service delivery within the municipality.

The event saw a significant turnout, with community members from various neighborhoods in Galkayo coming together to participate in the discussions. Local leaders, government officials, and representatives from civil society organizations were also present to listen to the concerns raised by the residents.

The forum kicked off with opening remarks from the mayor of Galkayo Hasan Mohamed Jama, who emphasized the importance of these kinds of forums and the citizen’s participation in decision-making processes. The Mayor highlighted the municipality’s commitment to inclusivity and responsiveness in delivering essential services to meet the needs of its residents

Hasan Mohamed Jama, Mayor of Galkayo

During the forum, participants engaged in constructive discussions on various topics, including infrastructure development, healthcare, education, waste management, and public safety. The event provided a platform for community members to voice their concerns, share insights, and propose solutions to enhance the overall quality of life in Galkayo.

One of the discussion’s focal points was identifying priority areas for municipal investment. Residents expressed the need for improved road infrastructure, expanded access to healthcare facilities, and upgraded educational institutions. The forum also addressed concerns related to waste disposal and the implementation of effective public safety measures.

In addition to discussing community priorities, the forum provided a platform for residents to evaluate the current state of service delivery within the municipality. Participants shared their experiences with accessing public services and highlighted areas where improvements were needed. This feedback will be crucial in guiding future initiatives aimed at enhancing service delivery and meeting the needs of the community.

Municipality officials actively participated in the dialogue, taking notes and expressing their commitment to incorporating community feedback into the municipality’s strategic planning. The forum served as a valuable opportunity for the municipality to better understand the community’s needs and expectations.

Local officials and leaders reassured participants that their input would be taken into consideration when planning and implementing development projects. The municipality pledged to work closely with relevant stakeholders to address the identified priorities and improve service delivery across Galkayo.

The forum served as a valuable opportunity for community members to actively engage in shaping the future of their municipality. By voicing their concerns and sharing their perspectives, residents have played a vital role in influencing decision-making processes and advocating for positive change within their neighborhoods.

The success of this event underscores the importance of inclusive governance and participatory decision-making in addressing community needs. Going forward, continued collaboration between local authorities and residents will be essential in driving sustainable development and ensuring that service delivery aligns with the priorities of the people.

Overall, the public forum on community priorities and service delivery in Galkayo municipality has set a positive precedent for ongoing engagement and collaboration between local government and residents. It has demonstrated a commitment to transparency, accountability, and responsiveness in addressing the needs of the community.

The public forum was implemented with support from the United Nations Support Office in Somalia – UNSOM