WIMISOM held in Galdogob a public forum on community priorities and service delivery of Galdogob municipality

On December 13th, 2023, WIMISOM held in Galdogob a public forum to discuss the Community priorities and service delivery of Galdogob Municipality. The forum brought together municipal officials, community leaders, and residents to engage in constructive dialogue about the future development of the city.

The public forum aimed to bridge the gap between the local government and the citizens, providing a platform for open discussions on key issues affecting the community.

Said Muse Shire, the deputy mayor of Galdogo municipality was the key guest speaker at the forum. At the Opening, the deputy mayor highlighted the municipality’s efforts to improve service delivery and addressed some of the challenges faced by the community.

“Galdogob Municipality is committed to enhancing community priority and service delivery to meet the needs of its residents” The mayor highlighted.

 “Through collaborative efforts and effective governance, Galdogob municipality aims to address key priorities and ensure efficient service delivery across various sectors”

In the public forum, community members expressed their concerns and priorities for the municipality. They highlighted the importance of infrastructure development, healthcare services, education, and economic opportunities. Residents emphasized the need for improved road networks, access to quality healthcare facilities, enhanced educational resources, and support for local businesses.

The municipality’s commitment to addressing these priorities was evident through its initiatives to upgrade infrastructure, expand healthcare services, strengthen educational institutions, and promote economic development.

The public forum served as a platform for constructive dialogue between the municipality officials and the community members. It allowed for transparent communication and collaboration in identifying key priorities and developing strategies for sustainable service delivery. The active participation of residents in shaping the future direction of the municipality underscores the significance of community engagement in governance and decision-making processes.

In conclusion, the public forum on community priority and service delivery was a valuable opportunity for the community to come together and discuss their needs and priorities. The forum provided a platform for residents to express their views and suggestions, and for the municipality to listen and respond to their concerns. The event demonstrated the importance of community engagement in the decision-making process and the need for collaboration between the municipality and the community to achieve sustainable development.

The public forum was implemented with support from the United Nations Support Office in Somalia – UNSOM