WIMISOM Organizes Training of Journalists and Bloggers on Storytelling for Social Change.

Women in Media Initiatives Somalia (WIMISOM) organized three-day training for journalists and bloggers on story telling for social change in Garowe from 2nd to 4th of January 2022. The objective of this training was to impart in the participants knowledge and skills which enables them to produce programs and to develop stories which contribute to shift of narrative and change of attitude of the public toward women in Somalia.

The training on storytelling benefited 20 journalists and bloggers from all of Somalia. It will improve their knowledge and skills in producing stories which celebrate the achievements and contribution of women to Somali society and their potential contribution to peace and development.

In her opening remarks, Nasra Abdirisak, the executive director of WIMISOM has emphasized the significance of this training and the potential of media in elevating dialogue and realizing attitude among the public through original and creative storytelling.

Mohamed Isse Osman, Director General of Puntland Ministry of Information, Telecommunication, Tourism, Culture and Heritage in his remarks has appreciated the effort of WIMISOM in providing such learning opportunity for journalists and has emphasized the need for originality, increased creativity and diversity in the output of journalists in Somalia. He encouraged the trainees to advocate in their work for the vulnerable people.

Amina Osman Hajji, Minister of Puntland Ministry of Women Development and Family Affairs who gave remarks at the opening of the training has highlighted the need for improved awareness and attitude change among the public regarding the contribution and potential of women in Somali society. She encouraged the trainees to take good stock of the training and use their work in professional manner with regard to the rules and ethical principles. She thanked WIMISOM for their continued efforts in improving capacity of journalist and their advocacy for women.

During the sessions of the training, the participants were taught many topics including: Toolkit on storytelling for social change, types of storytelling, use of creative technologies in storytelling, storytelling with data, online journalism and storytelling, ways of maximizing journalists’ work impact and engagement, effective use of social media, writing skills for storytelling, story research, analysis and tapping into untold stories. The participants through the training were given ample opportunities to reflect on the topics and lessons and to share expectations and experience and ways they can incorporate what they have learned to their work. The trainees will be able to produce stories celebrating women trailblazers in different sectors and will contribute to raising awareness on the need for full social, economic and political empowerment of women. The trainees appreciated the importance and timeliness of such learning opportunity.

This training is part of the Changing the Narrative about Somalia Women through Storytelling Project implemented by WIMISOM with support from Africa No Filter. The project has the objective to contribute to the change of narrative and to shift the negative stereotypical narratives about women in Somalia.