WIMISOM held in Garowe a Hostile Environment and First Aid Training for 15 Journalists

To enhance the safety and preparedness of journalists operating in high-risk environments, WIMISOM organized a comprehensive 5-day training on Hostile Environment and First Aid Training (HEFAT) for fifteen journalists from different media houses in Puntland.  The training aimed to equip the journalists with the essential skills and knowledge to navigate hostile environments and provide life-saving first aid in emergencies.

The training sessions covered various topics such as risk assessment, situational awareness, conflict management, digital security, and medical emergencies.

During the training, facilitators provide valuable insights into understanding the dynamics of hostile environments and how journalists can mitigate risks while carrying out their reporting duties. Journalists learned about different types of threats, including armed conflict, civil unrest, and natural disasters

Journalists engaged in hands-on practical exercises designed to simulate real-life scenarios they might encounter in the field. These exercises included mock hostile situations, role-playing exercises to practice de-escalation techniques, and drills on administering first aid under pressure. Through these simulations, journalists could apply their theoretical knowledge in a practical setting.

From simulated attacks to medical emergencies, journalists had the opportunity to test their skills in a controlled environment under the guidance of experienced trainers. These simulations not only honed their abilities but also instilled confidence in their ability to handle challenging circumstances.

The successful completion of this training marks a significant step forward in ensuring the safety and preparedness of journalists in Puntland, enabling them to continue their crucial work of reporting the truth in some of the most challenging circumstances.

After the training, the Deputy Minister of Puntland Ministry of Information and the training facilitators made a few remarks at the closing & awarded the trainees certificates of completion and first aid kits on behalf of WIMISOM.

The training was implemented with support from the National Endowment Democracy -NED