Our Initiative

As WIMISOM we have multiple initiatives aimed at recognizing worthy individuals and persons who contribute to the common good include Human rights and also creating platforms for discussion and advocacy for women, youth and vulnerable groups. Our flagship programs are (WIMISOM AWARDS and WIMISOM STAGE).


WIMISOM awards is an awards program aimed at recognizing and awarding journalists and people who contribute to an advocate for relevant social causes and who champion the rights of marginalized groups in the society, women and children. WIMISOM AWARDS is held annually and it serves to remind and introduce to the wider public institutions and individuals who have had positive impact on the lives of others especially those who are in need.


WIMISOM Stage is platform for information sharing, spreading ideas and engaging in discussion about pressing and important social matters. The objective of this initiative is to create for women, youth, and social influencers and marginalized people an inclusive platform through which they can reach out to the wider public and share their creative ideas, expertise and grievances with the wider community and the world.

We also envision WIMISOM Stage to become a platform for inclusive dialogue, productive discussions and lively interactive debates on the pressing challenges and important questions of our time and generation especially those relating with women, youth, marginalized groups and children.