We are committed to empowering women journalists; because empowered female journalists can make impact change in the society.
Our passionate is to encourage women's participation in discussion and decision-making tables, to participate in the decision-making that influences on them.
We are always at the forefront of campaigns to end violence against women, girls and children.
We foster dialogues and discussions to make solutions for issues affecting women and society in general.
We stand for the advancement of the capacity for female journalists so that they can apply their knowledge to their work.

What We Do


We work to promoting the rights of the women in the media to reduce gender disparity and to increase the level of their participation in the media industry at all levels. We also advocate for eliminating all..

Capacity Building

We improve the quality, safety and ethical standards of journalists at large, so that the media can take its much needed role in the development and prosperity of the community, Wimisom also provides..


We conduct media talk shows, forums and panel discussions and awareness campaigns to highlight social issues affecting women (GBV), female journalists and vulnerable people.

Who we are

Women In Media Initiative Somalia is a non-profit Initiative, we empower women in and through media and using evidence based research and employing media and communication, we advocate for social change through promotion of human rights, safety and security of women journalists, gender equality, good governance, women political in participation and elimination of gender all types of based violence against women, girls and children.

Our Mission

To enhance the impact of women journalists; ensure women’s voices are heard and their human rights are being protected using media, research, advocacy, awareness raising campaigns, capacity-building, mentorship and coaching.

Our Vision

Empowered women in journalism who can affect change in Somali women’s lives.

News and Updates

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